New Releases






Ella Daniels has made a commitment to get her life in order. She needs to curse less, stop renting an apartment and buy a house, but most of all she needs to stop fu…having relations with Ian Nelson.

Ian Nelson has his life in order. He’s the creator of one of the hottest programs on television, owns a great loft in Downtown Los Angeles, and has the best girlfri…woman he sleeps with on occasion in Ella Daniels.

Order and happiness don’t always mesh well, but Ella and Ian will soon learn that they most certainly do.






Cameron Baltazar has always had fun prodding her ridiculously stiff and perpetually unamused roommate and best friend, Jameson Aberian. She’s had over a decade to perfect her pranks, and is completely blindsided when it’s revealed that Jameson intends to move out. Hurt and confused, everything boils over at a party to celebrate Jameson opening his own private practice. Cameron will soon learn if a square peg and round hole can fit perfectly together.




Barnes & Noble


Blake Channing has been dubbed the Bad Boy of Country, and for the last several years has lived up to that moniker with pleasure, until recently. His career is where it needs to be but a chance encounter with two friends turned lovers shows him his personal life is lacking. Shelby Jackson, his childhood best friend, is that piece he’s been missing to have it all. He’s arranged a vacation just for the two of them, where he hopes his next love song will be written.




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