What’s new?

I constantly feel like shouting, “Don’t call it a comeback!”, every time I do an update. In any case, DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK! *giggles*

I’m relaunching my Ambrose Series and the first book, All of Me, is up and ready for pre-order at Amazon. I’ve never been ashamed to say I love a secret baby story, and writing one was both frustrating and rewarding in the end. But what I liked most about this book, was it helped me develop a group of siblings I’m really proud of, and excited to finish telling their story.

Therefore, without further ado…*drum roll*…



All of Me

As a man who spent the majority of his time calculating for a living, there wasn’t much that Grant Carter couldn’t account for. Or so he thought—until he found himself suddenly snared by eyes the color of jade and an inviting smile. A smile that haunted him once it was suddenly gone. After one night with Charlie Ambrose, he finds himself more than a bit obsessed with the woman who slipped quietly out of his bed, leaving a simple note along with the remnants of her scent. When Grant starts his mission to locate her, he wants nothing more than to get her to admit she felt what he did…but the moment he lays eyes on Charlie again, it’s brought to his attention that he wasn’t the only one left with a reminder of her time in his bed.


2 thoughts on “What’s new?”

  1. This isn’t a comment as much as a question I loved All of Me and am interested in the series for the rest of the Ambrose clan, but will Mary get a happy ever after as well?

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