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The second book in the Ambrose Series is up and ready for pre-order. I Hadn’t Anyone Till You was an interesting writing experience for me because I hadn’t any idea I was writing a story till my betas kept asking, “What about the brothers?”. I usually write very rich, fully developed supporting characters because I feel it helps bring more life to the story of my hero and heroine. There are times it’s done with the purpose of setting up a series, and I have their storylines mapped out (to the best of my ability), or they are just those fun side characters that make folks feel more connected to the hero and heroine.

When I finished All of Me I was mostly surprised that I was able to get the story done. Charlie’s brothers weren’t really on my radar. I’m glad I got the nudge to tell their narrative, and I think you’re going to love Edward and Mia’s journey to Happily Ever After. So much so, I’m hoping you stay tuned for Thomas’ tale, which is slated for the next book in the series.


I Hadn’t Anyone Till You

Edward Ambrose isn’t particularly sure how morally reprehensible a man had to be to entertain thoughts of sex at a funeral but when faced with endless legs, perfect skin, and a mouth that is criminally wicked, can he really be condemned? He is, however, pretty certain that every secretive fantasy he’s had over the years about friend and former classmate Mia Peyton has somehow snowballed into something major, something incredible, illogical and terrifying in the wake of her adoptive grandmother’s death. It’s something that he can’t let go of.

The moment things begin to bleed from casual to “where should I put my overnight bag?” Edward is ready to dive off the cliff headfirst in anticipation of the impact. There seems to be one small issue–Mia.

His statuesque beauty is a lot less spontaneous. He just needs to show her that oftentimes tragedy can give birth to groundbreaking pleasure.





4 thoughts on “What’s new?”

  1. This isn’t a comment as much as a question I loved All of Me and am interested in the series for the rest of the Ambrose clan, but will Mary get a happy ever after as well?

  2. Good evening, will Mary (Charlie’s bestie) get her own book? Cause she was fierce and needs true love too

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