Longtime friends Rian Tanaka and Emi Washington know they need to take their relationship to the next level, but for years they’ve let fear and doubt prevent them from obtaining happiness. When Rian receives an intervention from an unlikely source, will he be able to convince Emi they are ready to take the leap—or will they never quite get off the ground?





Blake Channing has been dubbed the Bad Boy of Country, and for the last several years has lived up to that moniker with pleasure, until recently. His career is where it needs to be but a chance encounter with two friends turned lovers shows him his personal life is lacking. Shelby Jackson, his childhood best friend, is that piece he’s been missing to have it all. He’s arranged a vacation just for the two of them, where he hopes his next love song will be written.






Cameron Baltazar has always had fun prodding her ridiculously stiff and perpetually unamused roommate and best friend, Jameson Aberian. She’s had over a decade to perfect her pranks, and is completely blindsided when it’s revealed that Jameson intends to move out. Hurt and confused, everything boils over at a party to celebrate Jameson opening his own private practice. Cameron will soon learn if a square peg and round hole can fit perfectly together.





Ella Daniels has made a commitment to get her life in order. She needs to curse less, stop renting an apartment and buy a house, but most of all she needs to stop fu…having relations with Ian Nelson.

Ian Nelson has his life in order. He’s the creator of one of the hottest programs on television, owns a great loft in Downtown Los Angeles, and has the best girlfri…woman he sleeps with on occasion in Ella Daniels.

Order and happiness don’t always mesh well, but Ella and Ian will soon learn that they most certainly do.


I Heart Geeks


Diego Bautista is a geek. He isn’t ashamed of it and doesn’t try to hide it. Geekdom hasn’t been all it’s cracked up to be though, and he wants someone to add spark to his routine life. Unfortunately, some women have a Geeks-Need-Not-Apply motto when it comes to dating. Ready and willing, Diego can’t seem to find that fun he’s been looking for.

Billie Hendricks loves geeks. She isn’t ashamed of it and doesn’t try to hide it. She’s a rockabilly chick that sees the fun in life and can create it when it isn’t readily available. Focused on building her own business, she doesn’t have much time to share her particular brand of fun with someone special.

On a business trip, the Geek and Geek Lover cross paths. Will they both get what they’ve been wishing for or will the equation of them together be too hard to solve?

*This book was previously published. Content has been revised for this version.


Club Munya




Slow Hand

Looks can be oh so deceptive. Gemma Sanders could probably mentally calculate how many times she’d heard that, but what she couldn’t tell a soul was how many times she’d actually listened. Because of her height, she’d always had the tendency of judging men shorter than her; questioning if they had the ability to handle her…needs. What she soon learns in the infamous Club Munya is that big things often come in small packages.

Push My Buttons

Control. Esme Sanders wore that very thing in every fiber of her being. She had sex down to a guaranteed science. Not fucking, not making love but sex. A private matter to be handled in the missionary position, under the covers, with the lights out and a few slow puffs of air as a backdrop every now and again. So why exactly had she let her cousin drag her out into the den of iniquity that was the infamous sex club Munya? Why was she talking to some tall and burly, but extremely manly stranger? And why was she allowing him to put his mouth there…Oh yeah, now she remembered…

Not A Rebound

The best way to get over a man is to get under a new one. Cara Sanders didn’t exactly know if that particular nugget of advice was wise…or safe, for that matter. But she did know healing a recently broken heart would take time. Healing sexual frustration? Well, that was a different matter altogether. How many sex clubs does a woman have to be dragged to by her closest friends before she hits the proverbial jackpot? If the tall, dark, and handsome stranger in her line of sight is any indication…one.

*Previously published as single titles. Content has been revised for this version.

Falling Into Love



Camden Turner has his life right on track. He lives in a great town with a small business that keeps him in the black, doing what he loves. He’s convinced he has everything he wants until he realizes he doesn’t have what he really needs, Lexie Martin.

Lexie Martin has left the hustle and bustle of Bay Area California for the quiet simplicity of Falling Falls, Colorado. Her small business is often times more play than work and she couldn’t be happier until she realizes, happiness is subjective until you have someone to spend it with.

Will Lexie and Camden realize that falling into love isn’t as painful as it sounds or will they keep on their separate paths?


All of Me

As a man who spent the majority of his time calculating for a living, there wasn’t much that Grant Carter couldn’t account for. Or so he thought—until he found himself suddenly snared by eyes the color of jade and an inviting smile. A smile that haunted him once it was suddenly gone. After one night with Charlie Ambrose, he finds himself more than a bit obsessed with the woman who slipped quietly out of his bed, leaving a simple note along with the remnants of her scent. When Grant starts his mission to locate her, he wants nothing more than to get her to admit she felt what he did…but the moment he lays eyes on Charlie again, it’s brought to his attention that he wasn’t the only one left with a reminder of her time in his bed.



I Hadn’t Anyone Till You

Edward Ambrose isn’t particularly sure how morally reprehensible a man had to be to entertain thoughts of sex at a funeral but when faced with endless legs, perfect skin, and a mouth that is criminally wicked, can he really be condemned? He is, however, pretty certain that every secretive fantasy he’s had over the years about friend and former classmate Mia Peyton has somehow snowballed into something major, something incredible, illogical and terrifying in the wake of her adoptive grandmother’s death. It’s something that he can’t let go of.

The moment things begin to bleed from casual to “where should I put my overnight bag?” Edward is ready to dive off the cliff headfirst in anticipation of the impact. There seems to be one small issue–Mia.

His statuesque beauty is a lot less spontaneous. He just needs to show her that oftentimes tragedy can give birth to groundbreaking pleasure.



Coming Soon!


A Fine Romance

Thomas Ambrose’s story. Blurb coming soon.


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