Large-WhenOppositesFirstAttractWhen Opposites First Attract
Wallace Pack Series: Book 1



Opposites attracting is a common catch phrase used when two people come together to form an unlikely couple. What’s rarely seen is when those opposites first attract, except for now. Sophia Wallace and Riley Oliver are two shifter wolves convinced they have nothing in common, but the stress of a Pack wedding can form even the most unlikely alliances. Will Sophia and Riley make this a permanent union or will they chalk it up to a wedding one-night stand?

Large-UnexpectedSurprisesUnexpected Surprises
Wallace Pack Series: Book 2



Alexis Wallace and Basil Santiago are from vastly different worlds, but what they have in common is the need to be free. Alexis from the stress of helping to plan the fiasco her sister called a wedding and Basil from the grind of working as an undercover Federal Agent in a biker gang. They each set in motion the things they needed to accomplish their goal until a chance meeting in a dive bar results in some unexpected surprises.

large-GiveAndTakeGive and Take
Wallace Pack Series: Book 3



Henry Wallace is the fixer of his Pack, the smoother of rough edges caused by the nearest and dearest of his family. It seems, however, that he couldn’t fix himself out of a coma, a broken body, and a forced medical leave. Henry’s ready to take up the mantle of responsibility once he wakes, but his partner Violet Peau—and the reason he’s confined to his bed—has other plans in mind for the wolf that always handles things.

Violet Peau held Henry in her arms while he died, and although he was only gone for a second, it was one second too long in her book. Instead of allowing him to bound out of bed as if he hadn’t almost gone into the light, she wants Henry—and the feelings his near-death experience unburied—put on a shelf where she can keep an eye on them. The problem? The stubborn wolf is one of the best when it comes to solving mysteries in their line of work. The newest riddle involves an ongoing battle to shut down a network of shifter mills and her need to protect is pulled in entirely too many directions.

Will Henry and Violet learn the fine art of compromise in work and love, or will bruised egos and past hurts prevent them from creating a partnership that can exist in both worlds?

socialMedia_FireAndIceFire and Ice



Haddiya Price woke with a premonition that she was going to have one of those days that turned her life upside down. She would gladly hide under the covers until the monster of a day passed, but life didn’t work that way. It came barreling in and snatched the covers from her head and kicked her out of bed. Her estranged husband Weiland Osbeorn was back in her life thrusting her into a tumultuous game of intrigue and mystery that centered around a crime her father said he hadn’t committed. As much as she hated being dragged back into her father’s web of lies and deceit, dealing with unresolved feelings for Weiland, and a whole host of complications that come along with one of those days, Hadi knew if she didn’t get a handle on the mess life had dropped in her lap, she might not have many more days to come.

ARE_200x300_the_naughty_list_jeThe Naughty List


Josephine “Jo” Puca is a rabble-rouser, and Dax Elver is as straitlaced as they come. When they are forced to revise the De Sint Foundation’s policy on what is naughty and nice, they can’t seem to find even ground. That is until they both let go and see being naughty can be quite nice.

20140626-090255-32575560.jpgGoddess Chosen Trilogy


Now in one book, The Goddess Chosen Trilogy!

To Balance the Gray

Devika “Dev” Bellona has spent the past several years making sure that which goes bump in the night stays in the shadows of human existence. She is a killer with a purpose: to keep the gray of life balanced. That is, until three small children and a wolf shifter alpha find their way into her life. Now Dev has to figure out if she needs a new palette to work with…or will she fade away into the gray?

Goddess Chosen

Security specialist Fae Patton and wolf shifter Garrick Conall have a problem—each other. Garrick’s the moody CEO of Conall Technologies and Fae’s his expert security specialist but she has decided that she isn’t going to jump every time Garrick barks out an order.

Garrick knows Fae’s the best at what she does. While he has no complaints about her job performance, he does have complaints about the way she challenges him. Accustomed to butting heads with her, his frustration has built. After an accident reveals a secret Fae has kept hidden all her life that frustration flares into full-blown passion. Well on their way to their “happily ever after” they have to unravel a mystery that not only jeopardizes their future but the future of both humans and shifters.

Time For You, Time For Me

What does it mean to have the life you want? To wake up and live to your full potential and never question what has been put in your path. Leland Jacobs felt he had that life. He was part of the perfect Pack run by the perfect Alphas, neat and orderly—just the way he liked it. Then tragedy comes to call one day, and Leland finds his world turned upside down.

What does it mean to live your life by the dictates of others? To wake up and know that you have only reached a fraction of your potential and question what has been put in your path. Morgaine Emrys had that life, and she longed for the day when it would be over. Then a miracle comes to call one day, and Morgaine finds her world turned upside down.

Leland and Morgaine are two individuals traveling on different paths—until there is only one. Will they continue hand-in-hand…or will they decide that their journeys are best taken alone?


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