After mentally composing the scathing letter I was going to write the city I ate and have since calmed down. I also got good news. My next story will be out sometime next week but I have the cover to preview for you all. I’ll make sure to let you know the minute it gets released at (this is me being clever with promoting the website) but here’s the blurb to get you all excited as you wait.

When Opposites First Attract
I/R Paranormal Romance
Opposites attracting is a common catch phrase used when two people come together to form an unlikely couple. What’s rarely seen is when those opposites first attract, except now. Sophia Wallace and Riley Oliver are two shifter wolves convinced they have nothing in common, but the stress of a Pack wedding can form even the most unlikely alliances. Will Sophia and Riley make this a permanent union or will they chalk it up to a wedding one-night stand?