Hello My Lovelies,

I’ve been regrouping in the lovely weather of Hawaii but you all were not far from my mind (at least most of the time).  I have some good news for you though upon my return (because I’m nice like that).

1) I sent a new MS of to my publishers before I left for my excursion and it has been picked up and is getting ready for all you avid readers. The title is To Balance the Gray and it is the longest story I have penned to date. This story really focuses on is there something as black and white,  good and evil or does the world have to balance in this gray zone (hence my clever title). I’ll have a blurb for you real soon but chew on this a little to wet your appetite for more information.

2) My story A Mater of Fate is now on All Romance Ebooks www.allromanceebooks.com and I’m super duper excited about this. As you all should be perusing the Beautiful Trouble Publishing website https://beautifultroublepublishing.com/ regularly here is another site you can find my work.

I’ll be checking in more regularly as the editing process progresses with my new story so don’t be a stranger.