Greetings, you lovely people you.
Here I am again playing the role of a reviewer and this time it is no less strange but now that I’ve had a taste of the power I can wield with my opinion, I’m heady with anticipation. Okay, that was pretty megalomaniac of me but I’m sure you get where I’m going.
Wanted 2: Vodka Shots
Marteeka Karland

This story could not have been better titled than Vodka Shots. Like a shot it starts off quickly with the action and keeps you feeling warm and tipsy all the way to the end. I actually appreciate a story that can just pick up with the characters, with minimal background information, and I’m immediately hooked. Ms. Karland’s work has a tendency to appeal to those more, shall we say, darker aspects of my fantasy world that I keep locked away until she beacons them to come out to play. So much so that when I was reading the story, in my secret heart of hearts I was a bit disappointed there wasn’t actually a little menage action going on. Ummm Hawk….

But I’ve gotten ahead of myself. Wanted 2: Vodka Shots is the story of a man (Dmitry) trying to locate the woman (Karri) that double crossed him and make her pay. Only to find out the double cross, no less hurtful, had justifiable reasons. It happens in space, with cool space descriptions and a cool space fight. That’s basically my synopsis because you can read the blurb that a professional took the time to write if you want more details.

What I want to talk about is the sex. Yes, I took it there, and how can I not with this story. Like the heady burn of a Vodka shot that gets you all warm and courageous (or that could just be me) the sex is awesome. Mostly because it’s angry, you betrayed me but I can’t seem to get you out of mind and I might want to hurt you a little but only in a really good kind of way, angry sex. Totally confusing but since this is a story for adults and most of us have probably had this type of (consensual) angry sex it was so good. Just to turn around and be, I know this might not be perfect but I really want to make this work and I can’t imagine my life without you, make up sex. Seriously, if that doesn’t speak to you than…well I just don’t know what to think about you because both of those are some good sex. Just saying.
And like a nice Vodka shot or two…okay maybe three or four but not that fruity shit, I mean the good stuff…the story does what it needs to do and moves on. Fast and to the point without all the internal angsty stuff that can weight down what in essence is…since I’m going to ride out this analogy until it can’t be ridden any longer…just a shot.
Go check it out because you know you want to…Do It…Do It…Do It…okay that’s the last of the shot jokes.