Ooh La La,

Last week I was sitting in the office all by my lonesome and trying valiantly to work when I thought, “Wouldn’t an afternoon delight be perfect right now.” Now before you start squirming over the thought that this may be a TMI kind of post I’m talking about a hot read. How lucky was I when presto magico Sweet Victory by Nikki Winter was right there when I needed it. Having read the first two books in the series I was jonesing for Rod’s (giggles) story. Yes he was “presented” as the complete whore schmuckity schmuck but I knew that he was a whore with a heart of gold and couldn’t wait to read about the woman that was going to corral (if you read the books you’ll notice the usage of that word is quite witty) him in. Victory was just the character to do that and some, but she was also a character that had to learn her own lessons about what a relationship should look like and it was those lessons she shared with Roderick that made their budding relationship endearing.

Quick and fun this third book in the Sweet Series (I quite possibly made that up but doesn’t it just sound right) gave me just what I needed when I needed it. Leaving a smile on my face and a little pep in my step as I went back to the drudgery of paperwork. Now what more could a gal ask for in an afternoon delight…ummmm.


*Doesn’t the cover just inspire thoughts of naughty things in the middle of the day as well…um huh