Hello my favorites,

It is a special day and my pseudo birthday (I was born on a Friday the 13th) and I felt as if I should come bearing gifts. I’m currently awash with creativity and shall have lovely little stories to release into the world very soon. I’m trying to keep this influx of coherent ramblings going so I can finish my most epic of writing projects, a collection of 31 stories for the 31 days of October in celebration of my most holiest of high holy days, Halloween.

I’ve been playing with ideas and wondering just how scary I should be and quite a few have found themselves on the cutting room floor. But as today is such a special day I thought one idea that didn’t move me beyond these short little sentences should get a chance at life. Therefore my lovelies I wish you a most splendid Friday the 13th and give you a little something to make it that much brighter.


Do you have to go?
Unedited and copyrighted by Janet Eckford

“Do you have to go?”

“You know I do.”

“Why does it always come so soon?”

He gathered her in his arms and placed a gentle kiss upon her head. It was too soon but time was never on their side. Instead they took what they could when they can.

“When will you be back,” she whispers softly with her head pressed against his heart.

“Not until the time is just right,” he replied in a dejected tone.

“You could stay if you wanted.”

He’d become accustomed to this argument that had no real end. She knew that he couldn’t stay and their special kind of forever was never guaranteed. Releasing her from his tight hold he watched as her mournful expression transformed into one of resignation. He didn’t have to tell her what she already knew.

“You have to go,” she sighed and gently cupped his chin with her icy fingers.

“And so do you,” he replied.

There was no grief as her touch became the faintest of caresses. His heart had long ago learned to wall itself away from sadness as she slowly faded away. He didn’t shed a tear as he stared at her silent grave in the cold night because he’d learned long ago it was wasted for those that love the dead.