Greetings Friends and Fans,

The last several weeks have been a whirlwind of creativity for me. It often happens that way though, I can’t seem to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) to save my life and BOOM those lovely little voices of characters I haven’t known begin clattering away in my head. I’ve been productive, bursting at the seems with excitement for all the tasty little morsels I’ve created to be published. Yet, there is always room for reflection and the revamping of an old cover seems to be the catalysis for such reflection. I’m not a consistent blogger or very avid but I take pride in the collection of thoughts I’ve put together here. My first blog was published on 8.9.10 and it was about my very first published story, Shifting Desires. They often joke you never forget about your first, and I haven’t, but as I look back on all that I have done since than I can’t help but marvel at how each time it’s gotten better.

I’ve grown more confident, willing to try something new, pushing myself to have fun and enjoy each experience. It is very apropos that with this evolution that first, the little spark of wonder that I dared to put to paper and share with someone other than myself should have a chance to evolve as well. The story is still the same but this little book has gotten a very lovely new cover. This is not just a marketing tool (even though it would be nice to attract new readers) but a gift my publishers have given to me.Therefore, I pass it on to all of you wonderful people to enjoy just as much as I have.

Happy Reading,