Hello Dear Readers,

In my exuberance to release a book that was darker and longer than most of my other stuff I realized I’d jumped the gun. After almost three years of writing and rewriting and placing the story on hold I realized in the edits that it still wasn’t where I need it to be. Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t going to drag out forever but I looked at it and thought, this could be better. It’s a bit disappointing for me because I’m all about immediate gratification and once I’d written The End I wanted it to be the end. No more laboring about word choices, no more pondering if that scene or that scene was good. When I’m done I’m done and eagerly await my next literary adventure.

But it seems one of the things I will continue to develop this year is patience, particularly when it comes to my writing. I have all these great stories that ramble around in my head but when I go to sit down and write them my ADD tendencies kick in and I go for the easy fix and cut them down to the least amount of words I need to get to The End. It’s not really fair to my creative process to continue doing this and as I’ve looked at what I want to accomplish in 2013, I’ve decided I’m going to have to stop approaching my writing process like a first grader hyped up on Pixy Stix. Therefore, patience is a virtue I plan to cajole and woo until she decides in fact we can be hommies. Probably not besties but folks that can get together for a glass of wine and pleasant conversation.

I’ve included the picture of the cover as well in this blog because if I find it difficult to hold myself accountable during this process, I’m sure having this blog and subsequent picture staring me in the face screaming, “Oi! Get this finished!”, will definitely do the trick.