I’ve been quite the busy bee and haven’t had much time for writing. I’ve sent Fire and Ice off to be edited and that is it’s usual grueling process, but alas my muse has decided to take a hiatus. I’m not that worried because we have some what of an open relationship. When we are together, it’s magical, bursts of creativity and excitement. When we are apart, I miss the company, but find other things to occupy my time.

Currently, I’ve been thinking about my craft and my dedication to writing short stories. While visiting with a writer friend of mine that also writes short stories (if a bit more high brow than my sexy times) we started to lament the fact that people just don’t understand what a short story is. There are often complaints that it’s too short, or it was read in a short amount of time, or there needed to be more character development. I’ll confess I’ve always found those complaints confusing because, those things are how I always defined a short story. I’m not in the habit of citing Wikipdedia when constructing a critique but their page on the short story was actually really good at encapsulating what I’d always thought and found confusing when others didn’t see it my way when it came to the short story. Not that people have to agree with me all the time, but clearly…

Yet, critique is always a good thing and even when my view and others clashes I like to take the time to look at it from their perspective. So while my muse is off peddling it’s wares with some other creator of prose I’m looking at why I’ve chosen the short story as a medium to showcase my talent, and focus on how I can make it that much better.