Hey Sweets!

I’ve made it through the week and am feeling extremely lazy today. It’s surprising, my lazy mood, (sort of) because yesterday I revisited a WIP I’d started with a very asshole dragon. He’s so smug and annoying I just want to punch him in the throat. Ugh…just thinking about that stupid smirk he has is just…he’s just so…sigh did I mention he’s really hot. Bastard. Yeah, well he is. 
If that wasn’t bad enough I’ve got this mysterious villain whispering all these dark and dangerous things he wants to do. It’s actually quite annoying because he’s just lurking in the shadows and not giving me a hint of just how bad he is and will these dark and dangerous things he alludes to be hazardous to my yet to be created heroine.
Sigh…maybe I’m not lazy after all. MAYBE it’s just fatigue.