Happy Friday the 13th!

There are some that may not view this day as one of great joy, but as I made my entrance into the world on one, I find each Friday the 13th as a cause for celebration. I’ve tried to keep the practice of providing you, my lovely audience, with a short little ditty that delves into the creepier aspect of this most glorious day. I’d even had a few little snippets ghosting around in the old noggin, waiting with anticipation to be released into the world. This story was going to be a precursor to October and all of the spooktaculor stories I have planned to release in honor of the most High Holy of days for me. Yep, I had it all worked out and than life happened instead.

Wednesday, Sig Other and I, had to put our two lovely little black cats to rest. Intellectually I knew 17 and 16 year old kitties could not live forever. Their little bodies could only take so much and over the last several years I’d “prepared” myself for their passing. Intellectually I’d prepped myself for this day, but emotionally I don’t think I could have ever been prepared to lose two little creatures that had been with me the majority of my adult life.

Therefore, for this Friday the 13th I don’t have it in me to coast that fine edge of thrill and terror. I have no story to tingle the spine. Instead, on this day when black cats are given a wide birth I embrace the memory of two of the luckiest charms I was very privileged to share my life with. I also wish for you on this day I have found to be so special, may you find such luck, love, and joy in your life.