Hello My Darlings,

I’ve been in a particularly foul mood today which is surprising because I’ve had a great couple of days. I finished the third Goddess Chosen book which actually has a title, Time for You and Time for Me, and a short little ditty that Ms. Azod so graciously asked me to pen (must always be nice to the despotic ruler). So when BAM out of no where I had visions of throwing the package of batteries I was carrying in my hand at Sig Others head in Best Buy, I knew something was wrong. I was promptly chauffeured home after a minor tantrum and given Girl Scout cookies and juice.

Much better now I still felt like I needed a little purge and flipped through my Book of All Things Depressing and decided to post a sad poem I’d written awhile ago.

After all, sharing is caring.


This is All That Remains

I’d destroyed all that I had written about us together,
And found this is all that remains.
It is not the best nor the brightest of poetry and prose that I’d created for you.
I must apologize because in fact it is quite plain.

I had written of love so deep that the end was never in sight.
I had written of passion that burned like fire to light up our nights.

But this is all that remains.

The truth.

That deep love was actually shallow, an illusion in a black bottom pool.
That fire, a spark ignited by the kindling of hope.

That you loved me.
That you could love me.

After you left I’d written of pain so raw, I bled from just the thought of it.
Tears that filled cups that runneth over.

But this is all that remains.

The truth.

The pain was a mere cut on flesh grown tough by the lessons of life.
Those tears, they only filled a cup worthy of sipping.

And in the end I destroyed it all.

Because this is all that remains.

The truth.

Me without you.