A Special Occasion
By: Thirteen

Writing a review seems like such a personal thing to me because how do you quantify something you like. Preference is so unique to the individual that when I suggest a book to someone I feel as if I’m giving them a little window into who I am. What if they don’t like what they see? Which I really can’t fathom and immediately has me questioning why I associate with that person at all, because frankly how could you not like anything about me. But I digress….

A Special Occasion is an interesting book for me to have read and to review because it is within a genre of erotic fiction that I struggle with enjoying. Frankly I think I’m far to neurotic to enjoy a menage story because I keep thinking, “Someone is going to get left out.” At which point I spiral into thinking about logistics. For example, do they all sleep in the same bed, are they only allowed to have sex as a threesome, and useless bits of nothing that having nothing to do with what I’m reading but my obsessive personally begins to latch on.

A Special Occasion was very unique because I was able to enjoy it for what it was, a fantasy within a fantasy. There was the happy couple that share a sexual experience that instead of driving a wedge through their relationship makes them stronger. Sweet and simple I allowed myself to get lost in this concept of people being so grounded in their love for each other that they could bring in another and it would only make them stronger.

I described this as a fantasy within a fantasy because personally I am far to selfish to even consider sharing what’s mine and knowing Sig Other the conversation couldn’t even be broached without the angry red face making an appearance. BUT wouldn’t it be kind of cool to at least try it once;)*

Check out the excerpt and book at http://www.beautifultroublepublishing.com/.

*Sig Other this was me being cheeky and I have no intention of instigating a threesome…with you.