Well Howdy,

I’ve been gone for a hot second but dear readers you must know that I haven’t forgotten you. That job I’ve been planning to leave for quite some time just won’t let me go. Quite mob like it is, just when I think I’m out it keeps sucking me back in. BUT, through it all I’ve been able to complete the third story in my Goddess Chosen Series, Time For You And Time For Me is over at Beautiful Trouble Publishing waiting anxiously for you AND a fun little ditty called Love’s Bloom at Shara Azod’s house, apart of the A is for Amazon series, sits with bated breath hoping you’ll arrive. Yes that’s right, even with adversity I rise up and whip out the prose for my adoring fans. Selfless I am, so selfless.

Anyhoo, I’m now sick (shocker) and have been sequestered to my bed all day. Yawn. The majority of my enjoyment derived from reading the post in the Jayha and Jeanie yahoo group. One of the threads that caught my attention the most today was the horror movie one. I LOVE to be scared and contributed to that one in particular with great gusto between my bouts of pain induced unconsciousness. Now this got me to thinking about a short little scary story I’d written, just a few lines strung together for my morbid amusement, and I decided to share because…well because sharing is caring. A select view have already seen how the inner workings of my brain can twist toward the macabre but so bolstered by the fervent agreement of my fellow horror lovers I thought it only fair to extend to it to all you wonderful people. (this is the point where eerie music begins to swell up) Muahhhhaaahhhaahh

Untitled and Unedited Scary Story
Janet Eckford

“They say another girl has gone missing,” I tell my husband while making his eggs.

“Um, damn shame,” he answers absently while he reads the paper.

“That’s the third one this year,” I say as I continue watching eggs firm and crumble.

He likes his eggs that way with just a little bit of crispness around the edges. Sometimes as an added bonus I put cheese in them. He loves cheesy eggs.

“Um, damn shame,” he replies still as absently.

Turning from the stove I carry the steaming plate of eggs to the table. Smiling up from his paper he places it down on the chair next to him and rubs his hands together in anticipation.

He really loves my eggs.

“They say they found her in that old ravine on the other side of town,” I’m obsessed now and can’t seem to stop.

Spooning food on his plate he gives another non-committal response with a variation on “damn shame”. I watch him as I’ve watched him these last twenty years. You see this is not the last girl, I know there will be more.

They say they never know. Some give adamant denials, while others have that stone face resigned stature of the shocked and awed. Others weep, sobbing to the jury of public opinion. They say they never know but they do.

How can you not when you love a monster.

“I hope this is the last,” I say staring at him.

He takes a bite and smiles a sad secret smile.

“Um, damn shame.”