Hello Lovers,

It’s that time of year again and I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t take time to blog, considering a great deal of my beer money is derived from all that hot sweaty love I write about. To be honest, aside from the anxious pitter patter of anticipation I received as a grade-schooler when Valentine’s were passed out, I’m not big on the holiday. A great deal of it most likely stems from the fact that my Birthday is the day before and, well, quite frankly what could be more important than my Birthday, seriously. So it isn’t with a heavy heart that I sit here surfing the net while my cat purrs away in my lap and the Wonder Dog barks to his hearts content outside as I wait for Sig Other to get home. I have health, happiness, prosperity, and someone that loves me whether we are snuggled up under the covers discussing the dangers of raccoon’s or whispering I love yous into the phone while I’m on yet another business trip.

To me that is what love is and my wish for all you lovely, lovely people out there is the same.