I’m sitting in my training trying desperately to pay attention because…well I’m kinda in charge and people will have eight thousand questions for me after the trainer is done but I can’t. Instead my brain has wondered off to the land of nod. While there this dream/story I had several weeks ago has set up residence and plays on repeat but I’m resistant to give it voice because it basically kind of scares me. Which is saying something. Instead I’ve tried to focus on the story I need to write for this great cover I have but alas nothing. So I continue to flap listlessly in the mental winds of my mind until BAM this came to me. In a desperate need to capture it, place it in a capsule, I’ve come to my blog in hopes that releasing it into the universe of this little community a snippet of this “something” may become SOMETHING.

He looked at the soft slope of her hip resting against the door frame. She was lovely standing there unaware of his eyes soaking in her radiance, her life. He could feel the pulse of he energy, sparkling like the brightest star, drawing him from the depth of darkness he had sunk. The spicy sweet scent of her skin drifted across the room and he could taste her on his tongue and he smiled. The familiar pinprick of his fangs slipping through his gums signaled his heightened desire. Locking his eyes with hers he saw a flicker of fear and need register in her eyes and he flashed her a smile with a hint of fang and thought, “Let the games begin.”