Welcome Lovers!!

October is now over and with it goes my penchant for the ghostly and the ghastly. I’m actually quite romantic when I put my mind to it and if you’ve seen my backlist you’ll notice I put my mind to it quite often. One of those romantic endeavors has manifested itself into an entire series called Intimate Encounters. Six lovely little books to be more specific. I’m sure you can only imagine how excited I was to hear they were being combined into an ebook anthology AND going to print.

I think each of the stories in the collections has a little something for everyone and that is what makes them so special to me. I believe that “love” isn’t static or one dimensional. It can’t be picked up and put down without care and caution. I believe that it cozies up to “lust” on occasion, sparking an energy of fire and passion, but never loses itself completely to the hedonism of it’s partner. I even believe it is far greater than I could have ever captured in the words I put onto paper but it didn’t stop me from trying. Therefore, I invite you all to take a gander at what love and intimacy look like to me, and I’d be surprised if you don’t agree.


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Intimate Encounters

Anthology of Janet Eckford’s Intimate Encounters series, volumes 1-6:
Book 1: Love Unfurled:
Love in its fullest bloom requires the time and trust of both partners. There is the little seedling waiting for care and attention. The very bud of the flower waiting to blossom, and finally, love at its fullest, fully unfurled–testament to all the time and energy that was put into it to help it grow. Yet, we mustn’t forget the sprinkling of passion that gives it color and vibrancy. So here is a look as love unfurls.
Book 2: At that Hour:
Lauren knows that an invitation, once given, is hard to revoke, but passion untried can be even more detrimental. She has requested the attention of her dark fantasy lover, but will the reality be all she imagined or just a promise left unfulfilled?
Book 3: Intimate Apparel:
What makes the things under a woman’s clothes sexy? Is it the frilly lace or the cut of the fabric, or maybe the color and the way it lays upon her skin? I think it’s the wearer, the woman who puts in on and takes it off every day with purpose and focus. I think it’s the viewer who gazes with appreciation and a glint of passion in his eyes. Most importantly, I think it’s the readers who place themselves in the role of the wearer and viewer and wonder if reality were fantasy, would they have just as much fun? Here is a collection of stories that explore just how “intimate” Intimate Apparel can be, so go ahead and take a peek. You know you want to.
Book 4: Body of Work:
At the heart of some of the greatest fantasies is the ability to remake one’s self; carve out an image through imagination that is difficult to find in reality. What if fantasy and reality weren’t so different? What if the image born from imagination isn’t the one that needs to be the most desired and you could live in the space you are meant to inhabit? What if you could be loved for the person you have difficulty being? These are three stories that explore the fantasy of being loved for who you are and ask the question, why can’t it be real?
Book 5: The Art of Love:
Body art is such an interesting thing. When done with thought and purpose, it tells the untold story of one’s innermost self. When done in haste and impulse, it is a regret that lives even while the ink fades. In the end it is a reflection of the intimate connection one has with his or her body. This collection of stories seeks to explore that intimate connection such adornment has, reflected in another person’s eyes.
Book 6: Everything Carries Me Back to You:
Happily Ever After isn’t always a guaranteed thing. We take our Happily Now because Ever After just seems so far away. This book is a collection of those Nows, a prelude to a love story the characters don’t even know has been written for them, a love story that waits patiently for them to understand that Happily Maybe is never happily after all.