It’s actually raining here in Southern California, which means I have no desire to do anything but veg on my couch. The knitting has been brought out and I’m just going to k, k, p, p the day away. There is a good possibility that reading will be interwoven in at some point and possibly tasty adult beverages later tonight as well. In a sense this is going to be a good day and as with all good days there should be a little celebration. Therefore, here is a little something to get the festivities started.



Unedited and Copyrighted by Janet Eckford

Softly Whispering Words of Wonder

“If you can’t be still, I’m going to stop.”

His words are a soft whisper against my skin that causes me to gasp with anticipation. I can’t help but squirm when he touches me like this, fingers light but purposeful, honing in on all of the parts of my body that have become used to his unique brand of pleasure. I am wanton and needy, aching for the fulfillment I only ever seem to achieve with him. He pauses as I moan with frustration and it is all the warning I need to obey his command.

“Very good,” he breathes out against the damp column of my neck.

Very good, indeed, I think as he begins to lift my skirt ever so slightly. I can’t believe we’re doing this but I couldn’t imagine stopping. He traces the edges of my damp panties and I resist the urge to shift my body at just the right angle to have us touching skin to oh so sensitive skin. He must sense my longing and instead of torturing me, drawing out the inevitable, he slips his fingers under the delicate lace and softly strokes me.

“Is this for me?”

His husky whisper is equal parts teasing and wonder. He knows that it is always for him but it is his asking that I find so appealing. He never takes for granted what we create and it feeds my desire each time, like food plucked from the garden of the gods. His other hand grips the back of my neck and tilts my head at just the right angle so I can be kissed properly. The room we have found is too dark for me to see his eyes but I don’t need light to see the love that is reflected there. I sob softly as he kisses me firmly and slips two of his fingers inside of me, with his thumb applying just the right amount of pressure to my sensitive bud. When he pulled me away from the party I knew this was his intent but now that it has finally happened I can’t help feeling as if this is a newly exciting thing we have discovered.

“I love to make you come,” he whispers against my lips, with a slight hitch in his voice.

“I love to come for you,” I reply with a hiss of pleasure.

It’s a truth that we enjoy together and it is a fact that causes my body to tense, pulsing with the need for release, just waiting for…one…more…stroke.

“If you can’t be stil, I’m going to stop,” he whispers playfully.