Hola Beautifuls,

I’ve finished expanding parts on my WIP Fire and Ice and am letting it sit awhile to see if I’m really ready to let it go to edits. Therefore, I have a little time on my hands and no inclination to do anything with it. Well except pen excerpts from stories I have no intention of completing. But at least I share.



Untitled and unedited BUT copyrighted by Janet Eckford

His fingertips lazily trail along the curve of my arm, mapping the texture of my skin, and I resist the urge to giggle as the touch tickles ever so slightly. This is not the time for giggles of course and I remain still so those teasing fingertips of his can explore other contours of my frame.

“You are so soft.”

His whispered words at the nap of my neck causes my skin to tingle with anticipation of the feel of his lips in the same location. I sigh softly and fit myself tighter in the spoon of our bodies pressed closely together. His hand seems to have become jealous of his wondering fingertips and splays itself across my bare hip, claiming more purchase of the skin it finds so intriguing.

“I love the feel of you.”

He shifts as he whispers the words and I am struck with the thought of how I love the feel of him too, especially when he is fit snugly inside of me.