Today has not been a splendid Monday, (which is pretty much an oxymoron) and I am not the happiest of campers (which is an interesting analogy as I am never happy while camping) and decided I needed to read a story that has a heroine with heavy artillery or a sword. Why you may ask, because reading is an escape that allows me to live vicariously through the character. When I’m in a smexy mood I want to read about incredibly sexy men lavishing ordinary women with sexual attention that acknowledges the goddess that exists in all women. When I’m particularly angsty I’ll pick up some YA and read about a teenage girl that is weighted down my the oppressive constraints of a society that just “doesn’t get her” and when I’m annoyed, pissed off at situations outside of my control, I want to read about a woman that picks up her high powered rifle, or big ass sword and yells, “bring it on” to the world.

So I set out on a quest because I knew one of the authors I adore is coming out with a new release and I desperately needed a kick ass chick in my life. But because this was a Monday that had decided to keep its greedy little claws firmly latched into my soft underbelly, my kick ass chick reading is delayed for another day. Shaking my fist in the air at the unfairness of release dates that do not adhere to my timetable I decided to go explore said authors site.

Now if you follow me on FB, Twitter or any of the other social networking sites where I proudly display my level of neurosis you’ve come to understand how obsessive I can be about things I like, and people are not excluded from this obsession. I’m not going to say I stalk, because that would be illegal and therefore stupid to admit to in such a public forum, but I will say I become heavily involved in researching my newest person of interest. Work has kept me busy and I’d scaled back on my fangirl behavior when it’ come to Seanan McGuire’s (this is the author I’m about to spend an embarrassing and lengthy amount of time gushing over) blog. She is also the author that’s book is not adhering to my release timetable (shameful) and I had to appease my ire with catching up on her witty commentary.

Low and behold whilst going through past blogs I discover a post that has me contemplating naming my next pet after her (no children for me but this is the highest honor one can receive besides becoming my imaginary spouse, and I wouldn’t want to freak her out if I just wife her without prior contact, therefore the naming of my furry children seems far less crazy…it makes sense in my head) and beaming with pride.

I’m going to link the post because it is far too lovely for me to summarize BUT I will say as a person that has half naked women (and men) on her covers because peeps are all about being naked between the pages, this was a brilliant analysis (and possibly minor rant) on societal perceptions of women’s bodies and cover art.

Just brilliant and even if I didn’t get my sword or high powered rifle I’m still left with an adrenaline buzz and the need to shout…pa…pa…pa…POW!