Greetings Lovelies,

As I wait for my body to recover from the punishment of doing 125 crunches (yes I am suffering from temporary insanity, with summer being the onset of symptoms) I started thinking about a WIP I’ve been plotting. While I was going over character descriptions, what type of arch I’m trying to achieve and a whole host of things folks do whilst plotting I had a moment. “Omigod! I’m actually plotting something.”
Although I can get obsessed with useless details of a story, actual plotting is so out of my stratosphere. In a recent blog I did for Mocha Memoirs Press I discussed those obsessive details that clutter my mind and though I’ve shelved my epic sci-fi thing (I’ll get to it eventually) I’ve actually taken my time with my newest idea. It’s equal parts exciting and scary because I have always carried the entirety of a story in my head, but this time it appears as if I won’t cut corners when it’s time to transfer it from my noggin to paper. 
I’m ever so optimistic and I ask you all to wish me luck. I’d suggest you hold me accountable to this new philosophy, but when pressured my latent adolescent behavior surfaces and I become petulant, muttering under my breath, “This is stupid and I don’t want to do it.” I’m special like that.
Anyhoo, here’s to the journey and not the destination. May it be filled with a plot that makes sense, smexy sexy time, a hero and heroine you can root for, and word count that has me comfortably sitting in the novel section.