Welcome my beauties!

This is another late night blog because sleep and I are not on speaking terms currently. Don’t be too upset, we’ve been having this on again/off again relationship for quite some time. Instead of staring at the backs of my eyelids for hours or giggling at the nonsensical responses Sig Other makes when I try to engage him in a conversation while he’s sleeping (yes I’m childish at times), I thought I would do a little plotting. Considering I’m super committed to this new writing strategy it seemed like the best way to utilize the time that should be spent sleeping. Unfortunately, I got side tracked and began looking up symptoms of possible diseases/infections/cancers I may have. Needing to take a break before I ended up convincing myself I needed something amputated I decided to look at work of mine that would benefit from a little TLC when it came to promotion.

This has been on my checklist for quite some time and after narrowing down my book Into the Realm of Mystery and Night  as a great candidate I sent out a call for places to showcase what I happen to think is a damn good collection of mysteriously horrific short stories. I was so enamored with my own prose that I began to contemplate why everyone else wasn’t as stoked by what goes bump in the night. Maybe my stories really aren’t as fiendishly clever as I thought, but that strong sense of self confidence I possess (that dances along a fine edge of delusional at times) dismissed that completely. Instead I looked at where I pushed it and how.

I’m an eclectic person and it’s not surprising that my writing reflects that, but where I spend my time in social media is usually firmly housed in the romance genre. There is a spectrum in this genre but usually the blood curdling screams readers are anticipating are induced by mind blowing orgasms, not a psychotic ghost (or at least that’s the response I’ve gotten) and I need to find the folks that scream with excited anticipation of something scary about to happen. Which has left me feeling as if I need to do a little screaming of my own, “Oi! Come out, come out wherever you are. I’m here, but in a totally non creepy way, I just want to play with you.”