Hello My Lovelies!

I’m sitting in the airport, awaiting my flight to take me back home and I’m still riding the high of an extraordinary weekend. If you haven’t seen my posts on Twitter and Facebook you’ve missed out on my updates of shenanigans from the Beautiful Trouble Publishing Greet and Eat, but don’t feel too bad, I’m sure they’ll make a fictionalized (wink wink) appearance in a work of mine down in the future.
What I take away the most from the event was the sense of community that was created by the women (and few men) in the room. It is always great to be in the company of folks that love a good story. This love was expressed with a gracious spirit that had participants, both authors and readers, respecting, listening, and learning from each other. It is rare to be in such company and having experienced it I will cherish the memories of the event even more.
Next years Greet and Eat will be in Austin, Texas and I can’t wait to see how much higher we can raise the bar.