Glad Tidings!

The 4th of July has come and gone, but the firework extravaganza that happens in my neighborhood is still lingering (they’ve been setting them off since May and are still enamored by fire in the sky) and I’m finding it difficult to fall asleep (shocking). With two new releases out I thought I’d spend some time searching for places to promo while I wait patiently for the fire bugs supplies to dwindle or a house catches fire (I could use some hottie firemen as inspiration). What I’m soon discovering is there is just so much out there. From professional sites, semi professional blogs, to folks that just like to read. I love it all but I must confess I’m a bit overwhelmed.

I believe this has a lot to do with the fact the two new releases I have are just so different. Slow Hand and Fire & Ice are examples of how eclectic I am as a writer. I took some risks with both of them and like a mother with her children, don’t love either one more than the other, but damn they really are making me work to promo them.

Fire & Ice in particular has me biting my lip and wondering, “Now what am I going to do with you?” If Slow Hand had me exploring the boundaries of my erotic writing skills, Fire & Ice is a story that required strong character development and emotional upheaval. I want readers to sigh and cry and quite possibly shake their fist at me as they threaten bodily harm when reading Fire & Ice. If my writing is a flower, Fire & Ice is the bud that will eventually blossom into the type of stories I want to tell more of. Longer (as God as my witness I will write a novel length book one day), mystery element to the story, and darker with a light at the end of the tunnel eventually. I’m really excited for Fire & Ice and want to make sure it gets the attention it deserves as my special baby (okay no favorites but sometimes you do have one that particularly special).

The clock is rapidly raising towards early morning and I unfortunately have to work. So I’m going to put my musings out into the universe and wait patiently for answers to come to me in time. Until then, I plan to keep writing this crazy mixed up brand of prose I enjoy.


My Newest Babies!