The time has come for a change with regards to my blog. My eventual goal is to have a fantabulous website created but until then I plan to tinker with WordPress, narrowing down what I would like in this fantabulous website I envision for myself. I’ve already spent a significant amount of time changing templates and obsessing over whether the text was just right. Yes, it’s pretty crazy, but I gotta be me.

I’ve also embarked on a blogging collective with my good friends Billy London and Nikki Winter. We have dubbed ourselves The Trifecta and decided to introduce the masses to our special brand of literary debauchery. Weyward Thoughts will be an opportunity for fans to check in and see what we usually keep behind closed doors (smirk).

If you are already starting to miss those lovely posts from my old blog, never fear, I won’t be shutting it down. Change is gradual after all.