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It’s October and I’ve got a treat for my favorite tricksters. Life has been a beast this year and I was concerned I wouldn’t have the creative stamina to do 31 horror short stories again. Well I was only partially right. I didn’t write 31 but I did manage to crank out 13 stories I’m proud of. I’ve always been a firm believer in quality over quantity and made sure this collection sparkled before I put it out.

Therefore, get comfortable and get your horror on!


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Whispers in the Dark

The floorboards squeak but you aren’t moving, there’s a fleeting caress across your shoulder but you’re alone, a light rapping on your window and yet, there is no rain. These are whispers in the dark. Delve inside a world where intuition is key and negligent dismissal can cost one their life.

Thirteen tales of encounters that will make you question if everything is as it seems. Thirteen tales that will make you just a little more conscious of that stranger on the street, that scratching at your backdoor, that telltale silence in your home…