When I made the switch over to this new site the one thing I regretted was not having a continuity of my journey as a writer. Although I wasn’t that consistent with posting, it was hard to leave those little bits of sharing of self I did behind. Well, with El Club going strong in my neighbors carport across the street and insomnia tagging along for the night I figured I’d put all of this time I had on my hands to good use (because clearly finishing anyone of my WIPs is far to logical) and figure out how to bring the past into my present.

If you go through and scroll you’ll notice I did (as if there was any doubt) it. If you’re new to my site please take a gander at some of my past escapades and if you’ve been an ardent fan for quite some time, worry no more, all that you’ve loved is now in this new place. If you’re indifferent and wondering why you can’t seem to quit me…well *shrugs* I got nothing.

Now, I wonder what else I can figure out to do that has absolutely nothing to do with plotting or character development…ummm….