When I was little Thanksgiving was a sandwich holiday. Nestled between the splendor that is Halloween and Christmas. I was happy to have the time off from school and to eat, and even though I listed what I was thankful for (as was the custom in my household) at the dinner table my limited child brain couldn’t comprehend the magnitude of the day.

As I got older and learned the truth about the pilgrims and the “helpful” Indians I found myself conflicted about celebrating Thanksgiving. My identity as a social activist appeared to conflict with honoring what had been institutionalized as a major national holiday for my country. Those years at the dinner table my thanks were laced with politic verbiage and social commentary.

Now, that I’m older (and I’m still working on the wiser part) I feel as if I can really find the thanks in this day of thanks. I can see truth in history but embrace my own tradition of the day. When I list what I am thankful for my words are chosen with care and meaning, each honored for how special they are to me.

I still have my conflicts with the day that drags me to the table with family old and new, but that in itself is something to be most thankful for. It’s a crazy and chaotic day that has me properly smashed by the end but it’s my crazy chaos that at it’s root is an example of how loved I am.

I hope you all have your piece of crazy chaos today and many things to be thankful for on this day of thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving!