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I’m “this” close to finishing the next book in my Ambrose Family Series and I’m beyond excited. I love the contemporary genre but find myself constantly pulled away to darker stories that involve fangs, fur, and things that go bump in the night. There is a darker edge to the love stories I craft for those stories and I revel in my characters ability to wield a sword or some high powered machinery. Therefore, it has been a bit of a surprise that I’ve immersed myself so completely in the telling of this particular tale.

I’m actually in love with the love of sweet romance and plan to see how far I can carry out this new infatuation of mine. There is something delightful about a love story set in real time. There is also a pressure to make sure the story is more authentic because my suspension of disbelief has narrower parameters. I’m up for the challenge and steadily typing away. Fingers crossed!