Today has been a partially lazy day, mostly because I had great intentions to get some writing done on the next book in my Ambrose Family Series, but alas the road to good intentions is paved with internet distractions. Instead, I’ve started the process of sprucing up my blog and getting writing stuff in order. I recently received the rights back to several of my books and I’m filled with both excitement and trepidation. I’ve re-released some books already but I feel as if my path is being planted more firmly in a direction I wasn’t that sure about taking. Self-publishing was not initially a direction I saw myself, but as I’m always up to a challenge I’ve decided to see where it takes me. Granted, these stories are easy test subjects because the bulk of the work has already been done having had them submitted to a publishing house. Yet, I get a little giddy thinking of the possibilities that await me as I embark on this new journey. Now, if only I good stop looking at bearded men on Tumblr life would be more productive.