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I’m bursting at the seams right now! I set my mind to combing my forgotten WIPs, picking out those that could be spruced up and given new life as a complete story and actually did it. I’d originally hoped they would be reborn as full length novels, but pulled back and thought, why don’t I trust the process and see what happens. I’m excited to announce that I’ve written TWO new short stories! They found life after I received the rights back for my short, The Next Level, and realized I had originally planned to create a series out of that book but life seemed to get in the way. Well, life stepped aside for a bit and the Destined for Love Series is happening. I am beyond excited about this, and already have my eye on a few other forgotten WIPs that are going to get dusted off to keep this party going. Each book will be a standalone that has side characters leap frogging into other books, as either bridge characters or the Hero or Heroine in their own right. I’m a California girl, and plan to keep this series firmly housed in my home state (because really, California is such a great place). These will all be contemporary romances that have the right amount of spice and heat to bring a blush to your face. As of now, this is a short story series, but now that I’ve released the stress of meeting a certain word count, who knows what my muse will craft.

So without further ado…*drum roll*…





Longtime friends Rian Tanaka and Emi Washington know they need to take their relationship to the next level, but for years they’ve let fear and doubt prevent them from obtaining happiness. When Rian receives an intervention from an unlikely source, will he be able to convince Emi they are ready to take the leap—or will they never quite get off the ground?


Available August 2014


Blake Channing has been dubbed the Bad Boy of Country, and for the last several years has lived up to that moniker with pleasure, until recently. His career is where it needs to be but a chance encounter with two friends turned lovers shows him his personal life is lacking. Shelby Jackson, his childhood best friend, is that piece he’s been missing to have it all. He’s arranged a vacation just for the two of them, where he hopes his next love song will be written.


Available September 2014


Cameron Baltazar has always had fun prodding her ridiculously stiff and perpetually unamused roommate and best friend, Jameson Aberian. She’s had over a decade to perfect her pranks, and is completely blindsided when it’s revealed that Jameson intends to move out. Hurt and confused, everything boils over at a party to celebrate Jameson opening his own private practice. Cameron will soon learn if a square peg and round hole can fit perfectly together.