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I’m always a little surprised when the New Year comes to a close. Mostly because I can still remember the previous one so vividly. It’s that irony of life I suppose that you spend those early formative years wishing the days would go faster until you finally get to your goal and pray the days would slow down a bit.

I’ve had an eventful year in small sets of joy and wonder. At the end of 2013 Sig Other and I bought a house and have spent 2014 wrangling with what I consider our very cemented adult status. It’s been quite the adventure and as odds and ends of our life together are still in boxes in the garage, I know 2015 will find us still working to make this house the home we’ve dreamt of for so long.

I also took the plunge and started self publishing my work in earnest. Slow and steady does indeed win the race, I’ve learned, and have had to prolong my desire for instant gratification. That has meant waiting when what I really want to do is act on an idea. It’s required I look at small victories and hold them dear versus shouting a cry of triumph over a battle won. It has been far from easy but in 2015 I plan to build on the foundation I’ve created and see where my ingenuity and creativity will take me.

I’ve had friends and family along this crazy thing called life, and most importantly I’ve had you, dear readers. Those individuals I will never exchange a word with beyond what I put on the page for your perusal. There are vast numbers of authors and individuals you could spend your time reading, but you’ve carved out a space for me in your life and I am ever so grateful.

So I raise a glass and cheer to you my dear acquaintances and wish you a very happy New Year.