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Winter is coming, literally, and I must confess I’m a bit reticent as always. As a winter baby one would think I’d revel in the long lights and chilled air (yes, it does get cold in So. Cal) but I don’t. I’m more prone to hibernating if given the chance, but alas me sleeping the days away in the comfort of my bed is not possible and I am required to brave winter like everyone else.

I noticed though that as with the other solstices I have launched a book and it caused me to wonder about my subconscious need to be connected to change. My newest re-release Fire and Ice fits quite nicely into the schematics of the Winter Solstice. The book deals with themes I think speak to the idea of dark giving way for the light. Whilst writing it I often wondered when would lightness and hope make its way into my character’s lives. They do of course, because my stock in trade is in the “Happily Ever After” but as my dedication in the book says, “It’s not the destination. It’s the journey”. It was a hard book for me and if my memory serves me right (it’s a bit faulty at times) it was also written during this time of year, or least the final bulk portions of it. So it’s only apropos it makes it way to you when one isn’t distracted by the bright beacon of longer summer nights.

Therefore, I invite you to curl up with a lovely cup of tea (or what ever your beverage of choice is on wintery nights), snuggle under a toasty blanket, and lose yourself in my tale of love, lose, and redemption.





Haddiya Price woke with a premonition that she was going to have one of those days that turned her life upside down. She would gladly hide under the covers until the monster of a day passed, but life didn’t work that way. It came barreling in and snatched the covers from her head and kicked her out of bed. Her estranged husband Weiland Osbeorn was back in her life thrusting her into a tumultuous game of intrigue and mystery that centered around a crime her father said he hadn’t committed. As much as she hated being dragged back into her father’s web of lies and deceit, dealing with unresolved feelings for Weiland, and a whole host of complications that come along with one of those days, Hadi knew if she didn’t get a handle on the mess life had dropped in her lap, she might not have many more days to come.