NotARebound 200x300The third story in my Club Munya series, Not A Rebound, was just released and I’m over the moon. In my quest to flex my writing wings I’ve made a commitment to push my own boundaries. Although I have no problem writing about sex and sexual intimacy I’d begun to notice I shied away from writing erotica solely. I don’t think it was a conscious decision but my stories always seemed to have some type of romantic conclusion.

Smart Man was the first time I gave writing erotica a whirl and I’ll be honest, although they say don’t look at reviews, I was a bit perturbed by a review I received. I thought of the story more than just a “wham bam” type of experience, but one in which consequences are stripped away and the ability to live out a secret fantasy is fulfilled. I decided to go back to what I knew after that, but was enticed once again to try something different eventually. The Hunger was my next foray into erotica and like Smart Man I felt pleased with what I’d created. Except this time, I wondered what would it be like to push myself a little further. My muse decided to heed my call and has given me the naughtiest of fantasies, a sex club. I’ve had fun penning stories for this world I’ve created and look forward to what else awaits me. Now I’m just waiting for others to come along for the ride…hint…hint