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I’ve been caught in a spiral of indecision when it comes to my most recent WIP. The hero is a very stern dragon shifter with some control issues. My heroine is quite the character herself and did I mention he’s also a single dad with teenage children (three to be exact). I have grand plans to make this a longer story than my usual fare and possibly the lead into a series. Gah. I’ve been wrapped so tight over how to make all the pieces in my head work together that I’d decided to take a break.

When I’m usually stuck on a story and have no energy to create a new one I go perusing through my collection of forgotten WIPs. Dragon Papa is actually from the pile and I figured if I found something different enough from my current story to work on, it would spark a little creativity in my newest project. Fortunately, I found just that. If you’ve read my short When Opposites First Attract (if you haven’t you need to get to it sharpish) you may remember at the very end I slipped in a sister character. At the time I’d planned to create a world around the crazy Wallace family and their Pack but alas, like most of my grandiose ideas, it never happened (a bit of recurring theme in my life).

I’ve often joked that the folder of forgotten WIPs is in fact a graveyard of good intentions, but as I reread the story and began to tinker with it, I realized that a story isn’t truly dead unless I delete it. Possibly comatose, frozen in a perpetual state of disarray, but if there is even the possibility for resuscitation something can be made out of it. I’m pleased to announce I did just that. I’ll be even happier to announce when it’s been picked up and moving through the cogs of publishing. Until then, I may go poking around and see what else I can find. Until a stern Dragon Papa requires my attention once again, of course. Gah.