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I recently got the rights back to three of my stories from Beautiful Trouble Publishing and instead of letting them collect dust in the virtual shelf of my thumb drive I decided to go the route of self-publishing. This new territory in my writing career was both scaring and daunting but I don’t let fear hold me back…unless there are clowns…but I digress.

The first thing I did was get my very good friend Bree Archer to design covers for me. I try never to judge a book by it’s cover but I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t like shiny pretty ones. Bree is very aware of my weakness and out did herself meeting my request. In the world of publishing having faith in your story often times isn’t enough. Publishers and authors have to grab the attention of the reader against other competing distractions. I wanted to make sure fans that enjoyed the stories when they were at Beautiful Trouble Publishing would still be able to recognize them, while attracting a new group of readers. Two of the stories are about the Holiday season, and I wanted to make sure I didn’t get lost in the plethora of seasonal stories out there. My third story is a paranormal romance with a very sexy (if I may say so myself) witchy couple that needed to reflect the mystical element of the tale. Needless to say I’m over the moon with the results.

Holiday Hookups is the first to be released, with the Naughty List and A Matter of Fate rolling out before the end of the year. In the end I will confess that I love the ease of dealing with a publisher (I really thought I was going to lose my shit trying to format and convert my MS), but knowing I can do it by myself is an accomplishment I’ll always hold dear. Who knows, I may even do it again the future.


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Do Touch

Maddie hates Christmas parties. The forced conversation about what so-and-so did throughout the year makes her teeth hurt. Time would be better spent looking through a book for a more pertinent historical fact.

Tristan doesn’t know what to do to get Maddie to notice him. Assigned to help her research the history of his Pack, the sexy little historian has him thinking less about what’s between her books and more about what’s between her legs.

When Tristan convinces Maddie to attend his Pack’s annual Christmas party, will it be a chance for them to write their own future or will they be remembered as just a Christmas past?

Office Politics

Tracy Collins is through with trying to prove herself to Quinn Donovan. Having resigned from her position as Vice President at Donovan Construction, the office holiday party is her last company function and getting through it as quickly as possible is her focus. Getting laid in the supply closet by Quinn was definitely not on the agenda.

Quinn keeps hitting a wall when it comes to Tracy. Now that she’s resigned from the company to work for his brother he really feels there is no winning. Needing to have one final conversation with her, he’s surprised to find himself deep inside her while her back is up against the wall.

Misunderstandings and hurt feelings have defined their past but with the season of giving underway will they take the chance to meet in the middle or will the New Year find them going their separate ways.

Press Play to Continue

Mistletoe may be deadly if you eat it but Cassidy Parker finds out just talking about it can be worse, particularly when it causes her to feel up Riku Makiyama at Middle Earth Gaming’s holiday party. She wanted to blame her inappropriate behavior on the shots of tequila she’d taken but she knew the super sexy programmer didn’t need a woman to use liquid courage to accost him. When Riku seeks her out to continue what they started will she take him up on his offer or will she pass up the chance?


Coming Soon!


Josephine “Jo” Puca is a rabble-rouser, and Dax Elver is as straitlaced as they come. When they are forced to revise the De Sint Foundation’s policy on what is naughty and nice, they can’t seem to find even ground. That is until they both let go and see being naughty can be quite nice.


Coming Soon!


Lailah Nar, an elemental witch of fire, is on a quest to find Light and Shadow, the grimoire of a once powerful sixteenth-century European witch. Sebastian De Winter, an elemental witch of ice, is on a quest to help Lailah discover the magic they can make together. When fire and ice collide in the library of Lauréa, Texas, will Lailah and Sebastian create something not seen in nature—or will their magic cancel each other out?