Happy Halloween!

I’ve been a blog diva lately and totally forgot to blog on my own site! Oi! I’m going to keep it simple and refer you to two places where I’m having a spooktacular time. The Romance Studio is having one of their awesome Release Parties and I’ve included a Halloween story today as my gift to you all. Continue reading

More adventures at Club Munya



NotARebound 200x300The third story in my Club Munya series, Not A Rebound, was just released and I’m over the moon. In my quest to flex my writing wings I’ve made a commitment to push my own boundaries. Although I have no problem writing about sex and sexual intimacy I’d begun to notice I shied away from writing erotica solely. I don’t think it was a conscious decision but my stories always seemed to have some type of romantic conclusion.

Smart Man was the first time I gave writing erotica a whirl and I’ll be honest, although they say don’t look at reviews, I was a bit perturbed by a review I received. I thought of the story more than just a “wham bam” type of experience, but one in which consequences are stripped away and the ability to live out a secret fantasy is fulfilled. I decided to go back to what I knew after that, but was enticed once again to try something different eventually. The Hunger was my next foray into erotica and like Smart Man I felt pleased with what I’d created. Except this time, I wondered what would it be like to push myself a little further. My muse decided to heed my call and has given me the naughtiest of fantasies, a sex club. I’ve had fun penning stories for this world I’ve created and look forward to what else awaits me. Now I’m just waiting for others to come along for the ride…hint…hint


It ain’t over until you press delete


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I’ve been caught in a spiral of indecision when it comes to my most recent WIP. The hero is a very stern dragon shifter with some control issues. My heroine is quite the character herself and did I mention he’s also a single dad with teenage children (three to be exact). I have grand plans to make this a longer story than my usual fare and possibly the lead into a series. Gah. I’ve been wrapped so tight over how to make all the pieces in my head work together that I’d decided to take a break.

When I’m usually stuck on a story and have no energy to create a new one I go perusing through my collection of forgotten WIPs. Dragon Papa is actually from the pile and I figured if I found something different enough from my current story to work on, it would spark a little creativity in my newest project. Fortunately, I found just that. If you’ve read my short When Opposites First Attract (if you haven’t you need to get to it sharpish) you may remember at the very end I slipped in a sister character. At the time I’d planned to create a world around the crazy Wallace family and their Pack but alas, like most of my grandiose ideas, it never happened (a bit of recurring theme in my life).

I’ve often joked that the folder of forgotten WIPs is in fact a graveyard of good intentions, but as I reread the story and began to tinker with it, I realized that a story isn’t truly dead unless I delete it. Possibly comatose, frozen in a perpetual state of disarray, but if there is even the possibility for resuscitation something can be made out of it. I’m pleased to announce I did just that. I’ll be even happier to announce when it’s been picked up and moving through the cogs of publishing. Until then, I may go poking around and see what else I can find. Until a stern Dragon Papa requires my attention once again, of course. Gah.

Let’s get our horror on.


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It’s October and I’ve got a treat for my favorite tricksters. Life has been a beast this year and I was concerned I wouldn’t have the creative stamina to do 31 horror short stories again. Well I was only partially right. I didn’t write 31 but I did manage to crank out 13 stories I’m proud of. I’ve always been a firm believer in quality over quantity and made sure this collection sparkled before I put it out.

Therefore, get comfortable and get your horror on!


WhispersInTheDark_72dpi (1)

Whispers in the Dark

The floorboards squeak but you aren’t moving, there’s a fleeting caress across your shoulder but you’re alone, a light rapping on your window and yet, there is no rain. These are whispers in the dark. Delve inside a world where intuition is key and negligent dismissal can cost one their life.

Thirteen tales of encounters that will make you question if everything is as it seems. Thirteen tales that will make you just a little more conscious of that stranger on the street, that scratching at your backdoor, that telltale silence in your home…

Time for a change

The time has come for a change with regards to my blog. My eventual goal is to have a fantabulous website created but until then I plan to tinker with WordPress, narrowing down what I would like in this fantabulous website I envision for myself. I’ve already spent a significant amount of time changing templates and obsessing over whether the text was just right. Yes, it’s pretty crazy, but I gotta be me.

I’ve also embarked on a blogging collective with my good friends Billy London and Nikki Winter. We have dubbed ourselves The Trifecta and decided to introduce the masses to our special brand of literary debauchery. Weyward Thoughts will be an opportunity for fans to check in and see what we usually keep behind closed doors (smirk).

If you are already starting to miss those lovely posts from my old blog, never fear, I won’t be shutting it down. Change is gradual after all.


Self Care Adventure

Hello Sweets!

My very dear friend Alexis Marbach has embarked on what she has coined “The Self-Care Adventure Series: 30 days of wholehearted self-love” and has encouraged a group of us near and dear to her heart to join in the fun. When I first got the email, I’ll be honest, I let out a sigh. One of those fully expanded diaphragm sighs. I just couldn’t see myself fitting in with the group on this one. I don’t do yoga (too much breathing), I don’t like to run (unless it’s for my life), and nature gives me hives (no seriously, I have some major allergies). When I’m seeking out self care it usually involves alcohol, sex, and some other vice that won’t get me arrested. I started to picture my comments in the email chain or posts on FB or even the guest blog I might have done on Alexis blog and I giggled manically. Too say the least, all of my thoughts were inappropriate (self-love is in the title…I mean clearly).

I was so tickled by my imaginary scenarios that I almost dismissed participating at all, but I eventually gave it some thought. Although I’ve been extremely busy in the last few years with job changes and career additions I have found a constant form of self care for myself, writing. As most of you know, I use a pen name because having to explain 1) I don’t write porn (if I did I wouldn’t need two jobs), 2) sexuality should not be co-oped by men (women actually do enjoy it quite a bit…when done properly), and 3) Let me be great! With my alter ego I’ve made new and fabulous friends and participated in activities that have helped me grow personally and professionally. Most importantly, I’ve realized that each time I put my smexy ideas down on paper I’m participating in a form of self care. My imagination has always been an outlet for me, and even if some of the little stories I scribble may never leave the confines of my computer storage, I did something for the sole purpose of making ME happy.

Now, I don’t know how active I’ll be in this 30 day adventure of self-care (come on Alexis, only so much can be expected from one like myself) but instead of sighing when I think about it, I instead smile and know I’m doing my part.


Lucky Charms

Happy Friday the 13th!

There are some that may not view this day as one of great joy, but as I made my entrance into the world on one, I find each Friday the 13th as a cause for celebration. I’ve tried to keep the practice of providing you, my lovely audience, with a short little ditty that delves into the creepier aspect of this most glorious day. I’d even had a few little snippets ghosting around in the old noggin, waiting with anticipation to be released into the world. This story was going to be a precursor to October and all of the spooktaculor stories I have planned to release in honor of the most High Holy of days for me. Yep, I had it all worked out and than life happened instead.

Wednesday, Sig Other and I, had to put our two lovely little black cats to rest. Intellectually I knew 17 and 16 year old kitties could not live forever. Their little bodies could only take so much and over the last several years I’d “prepared” myself for their passing. Intellectually I’d prepped myself for this day, but emotionally I don’t think I could have ever been prepared to lose two little creatures that had been with me the majority of my adult life.

Therefore, for this Friday the 13th I don’t have it in me to coast that fine edge of thrill and terror. I have no story to tingle the spine. Instead, on this day when black cats are given a wide birth I embrace the memory of two of the luckiest charms I was very privileged to share my life with. I also wish for you on this day I have found to be so special, may you find such luck, love, and joy in your life.



Make over time!

Hello Lovelies,

If you’ve been a devoted follower of mine you’ll have noticed I’ve changed the blog again. If you’re not, well, it’s still a surprise for you too. Not only have I changed it BUT I have a very lovely banner designed by my very talented friend Bree Archer. I’m super excited because it makes one feel quite like a proper author. The excitement doesn’t end there of course, because the Contemporary Romance I wrote with another very talented friend of mine, Reana Malori, has had a cover make over and is up at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I’ve included it in the blog for your viewing pleasure along with the blurb.

Here’s a hint though, when it comes to make overs, there are still more surprises to come. *smirk*


Camden Turner has his life right on track. He lives in a great town with a small business that keeps him in the black, doing what he loves. He’s convinced he has everything he wants until he realizes he doesn’t have what he really needs, Lexie Martin.

Lexie Martin has left the hustle and bustle of Bay Area California for the quiet simplicity of Falling Falls, Colorado. Her small business is often times more play than work and she couldn’t be happier until she realizes, happiness is subjective until you have someone to spend it with.

Will Lexie and Camden realize that falling into love isn’t as painful as it sounds or will they keep on their separate paths?

Bad Boys and Naughty Things

Hey Sweets!

I’ve made it through the week and am feeling extremely lazy today. It’s surprising, my lazy mood, (sort of) because yesterday I revisited a WIP I’d started with a very asshole dragon. He’s so smug and annoying I just want to punch him in the throat. Ugh…just thinking about that stupid smirk he has is just…he’s just so…sigh did I mention he’s really hot. Bastard. Yeah, well he is. 
If that wasn’t bad enough I’ve got this mysterious villain whispering all these dark and dangerous things he wants to do. It’s actually quite annoying because he’s just lurking in the shadows and not giving me a hint of just how bad he is and will these dark and dangerous things he alludes to be hazardous to my yet to be created heroine.
Sigh…maybe I’m not lazy after all. MAYBE it’s just fatigue.